What Do I Need To Get Started?


By Paul H

updated 4 months ago

For more information, see our help collection, "What Hardware Should I Get?"

Basic Setup

Kidmin App is designed to fit your church by being flexible. At a minimum we require a computer (PC or Mac) or Windows 10 tablet, a Dymo Printer and labels (size 1 1/8 x 3 1/2), and an internet connection.  

This will allow you to get the basic tag printing functionality.

Adding Additional Check-In Stations:

To add an additional check-in station you will need another computer/Windows 10 tablet and Dymo printer. You can add as many check-in stations as you want. We let you add an unlimited amount of stations for free.

Requirements for a Kiosk Station

If you want to set up a self-serve kiosk station, you'll need a Windows 10 tablet (or PC/Mac computer) with an additional Dymo Printer.

As an administrator, you can switch back and forth from Kiosk to desk check-in at any point.

System Requirements

PC computer version: Windows 7 or newer
Mac computer version: Mac version 10.13 or newer *Dymo is not compatible with Catalina MacOS - contact support if you will be running Kidmin App on this OS.
Tablets running Windows 10. Click here for a recent 3rd-party article that reviewed Windows 10 tablets.

Note: Dymo printing software does not work with Chrome books due to a limitation with their software.

Note about external scanner devices:

No official scanner devices needed for checkout. You can have your volunteers download the mobile app on their phones or have a designated device in each room. There's a scanning ability built into the mobile app (and the app is free!).

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