From your dashboard, click Settings from the left side to access the following options:

  • Classes. Go here to add new classes or make changes to existing classes. This is also where you'd adjust tag printing options. See also, "How to Add a New Class" & "Tag Printing Options." NOTE: If you are needing to add classes to a new service time, create the SERVICE first, and then add classes. 
  • Services. Go here to add a new service or make changes to existing services. See also, "How to Add a Service Time After You've Set Up Your Account."  This is also where you'd adjust the check-in time window for a particular service.
  • Volunteers. Go here to invite, create, or make changes to your volunteers. You can make changes such as give a volunteer admin privileges or delete a volunteer. See also, "How to Add a Volunteer."  NOTE: If you DELETE a volunteer, they are removed from the entire database, even as a guardian. 
  • Church: Go here to update and make changes to your church profile including: church logo, church information, enable in-app parent pickup tag, and personalize parent paging message, kiosk welcome message, and volunteer checkin tag text (NEW FEATURE!).
    NOTE: The grade promotion date refers to the day the system will automatically move all the children up to the next class based on their age.
  • Child Development: Go here to set your custom age ranges for distinguishing between newborns, infants, toddlers,  & PreK (up to 5 years) or to change your grade promotion date for kindergarten through 12th Grade.
  • Billing: Go here to update your credit card and see previous invoices. See also, "Updating Your Billing Information."
  • Your Profile: Go here to make changes to your profile including: change your password, add a picture, change your preferred contact method, etc.