Reprinting tags is a great option if someone loses a tag, or if you also need a tag for the parent who didn't check in the children. There's two ways to reprint a tag from the desk check-in station.


General tags reprint (for anyone currently checked in to your system).

1. Click gray "reprint tags" button in top right corner.

2. If you need to print a particular guardian's tags, search by their name. Otherwise, either parent's name will do. 

Example: If you needed to reprint a tag for the parent, Hannah Tester, you'd simply search her name. From the print tags pop-up screen, you deselect the children's names so just her tag would reprint. Even if Hannah's husband checked in the kids, you can still search by her name and "reprint" a tag for her.)

3. From the pop-up, select/deselect which names you need tags reprinted for. And click the red "reprint tags" button.


Express Check-in tags reprint (for any families that used the express check-in option).

1. Click blue "reprint tag" link next to name under list of express check-in guardians.

2. From the pop-up,  select/deselect which names you need tags reprinted for and then click the red "reprint tags" button.