Before you start using Kidmin App, you'll need to determine how many check-in stations and what kind of device you'll be using for each. (Tip: Start with the fewest number you think you'll need, and add more later.)

  1. Figure out if you're using computers, Windows 10 tablets, or a combination.
  2. Figure out if you plan on using Express Checkin. If so, make sure you check out our article "Enabling Express Checkin" detailing how to set it up for your church.

At minimum, you need at least one checkin station.

  • The desk check-in station mode is where you or your volunteer can register new visitors. It is usually easiest to have a computer set to this station type (typing, screen size), but a Windows 10 tablet can pull it up as well via web browser.  Tip: If your church frequently experiences visitors, you might consider having at least one station designated for desk check-in only.
  • The Kiosk station mode allows parents to check themselves in. To utilize self check-in, from dashboard select "Kiosk Mode."  Parent/guardian needs to already be in the system to use the Kiosk station.  It is usually easiest to have a Windows 10 tablet set to this station, but a computer can also be used. Note: Admin can switch a Kiosk station back to desk check-in at any time by re-entering their password.Tip: This station is a great option for regular attendees. If your church is utilizing express checkin, Kiosk stations are also helpful for parents who don't use a smart phone or forgot theirs.
  • The express checkin station allows parents to checkin their children from their mobile apps. A designated desk check-in station or Kiosk station must have express checkins turned on, and will result in any express checkin tags to print there.  Tip: This is a great option for regular attendees who use smart phones.
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    here for downloadable instructions you can hand out to parents on how to create their mobile app account.

Some churches choose to designate different devices for different stations. Example, one device runs their desk check-in station while another is set to Kiosk mode. 

Some churches choose to have all their station(s) set to Kiosk mode, and when there's a visitor that needs to be register, the admin simply toggles back to the admin dashboard.  

For details regarding tag printing options, see Tag Printing Options.