To use this feature, you'll need a guardian account on the mobile app and be assigned a volunteer role by your church administrator. Our mobile app is available for free in iTunes and the Google Play Store. For instructions on setting up your guardian account, see "Creating your Guardian Account."

The live roster feature allows you to see in real time the children that are in your classroom. You can also select a child and 1) view important information such as allergies and notes, 2) use one-tap parent paging, 3) check child out

  • To view a live roster, from the mobile app go to "Live Roster." 
  • From the list of classes, choose the class you wish to see the live roster for.
  • From the list of children, you can click on a particular child's name and pull up their information, along with the option to page the parent or check them out.

*IMPORTANT: Do not check children out using the mobile app unless your church administrator has instructed you on how they want you use this feature.