Dymo Printer: General Troubleshooting Steps


By Paul H

updated 10 months ago

Technology is awesome, except when it's not. If your Dymo printer isn't printing tags or is printing them incorrectly, try these general troubleshooting tips:

1. Check power cord connections. Unplug your printer(s) for 30 seconds, and double check all the connections between your printer and computer and ensure that they're in your printer securely. If the printer light flickers, consider getting a new power cord.

2. Check that your operating system version is up to date. 

3. Print a test label directly through Dymo Label software. If the print issue is here, it could just mean you need to reinstall the software (step 3), or that it's a problem with Dymo's software and you’ll need to contact them to troubleshoot.

  • For PC/Windows users:
    A. Click on START at the bottom left corner. On the left column, open SEARCH.
    B. Select 'All Files and programs"
    D. Type in the name of the software / program you are trying to find (Dymo Label) & hit enter.
    E. Open up the Dymo Label software. Click "print" to print a test label.
  • For Mac user:
    A. Click “search” icon and type in “Dymo.” From the list, select "Dymo Label."
    B. Once it pulls up, click the "Print" button to prompt a tag to print. 

4. For other general troubleshooting tips from Dymo, check out their Dymo LabelWriter 450SE manual and see chapter 5. 

5. Reinstall printer software
(be sure to reboot/restart) following instructions at our "Dymo Software Reinstall" help article. 


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