The KidMin App supports Dymo printers. We personally really like using the Dymo 450.

Here's how to setup your Dymo printer to use it with the KidMin App. If you've already set up your printer you may not need to do this step.

  1. Download DYMO Labelâ„¢ here for Windows users (version 8.7.4).  **For Mac users, click here.
  2. Run the installer after it finishes downloading.
  3. Plug your printer in.
  4. You're all set! Our app will do the rest.

If you run into problems, check out our troubleshooting steps here. If you're using a newer Windows device, please ensure your device isn't running S Mode (see number one in the article). 

If you need additional assistance, please email us at

Need a little more help? The video below will walk you through setting up your printer.