If you have a child who you would like to be in a particular class (this might be for a variety of reasons, such as an older child that needs to be in a younger class, etc.), and they don’t fall into the correct class by the default “their birthday” setting per your church’s promotion date, you can do a manual override.  (Click HERE for more details on Child Development Settings and the Grade Promotion Date)

NOTE: A child's class set using manual override will not change unless you change it manually in the future. 

Here’s how: 

  1. Go to your Database and select the child who’s settings need to be changed. 
  2. Click “edit child.” 
  3. From their profile, under how they're assigned to classes, change the dropdown option from “their birthday” to “a manual override.” A list of the grades will show up, and you can select what grade you want them in. 

NOTE: If you select manual override, you will have to go in and again manually put them in the next grade or class when it’s time for that child to move up. As long as manual override is selected, the system will not promote them automatically.