One of our favorite features in the Kidmin App is express check-in. Express check-in lets parents check their children into church before they even step foot in church. (Using Brother printers? See this article.)

Here's how it works for your parents and guardians:

  1. The parent downloads the KidMin App onto their smart phone (We have an iPhone version and an Android version).
  2. In less than thirty seconds they can create an account and add their children.
  3. They check their kids into their selected service.
  4. They can then pick up the children's tags at your designated express check-in station.

For detailed instruction for your parents/guardians on setting up their mobile account, see "Creating Your Guardian Account." (For a downloadable version, click here.)

Here's how it works for your church:

  1. Designate volunteer or admin account for station that will serve as express check-in printing station. Note: This account should not be used to log in to any other check-in station.
  2. From the sidebar menu, turn on "Express Check-In" at your designated station (Dymo users only). Please note: For Brother printer users, this is enabled automatically within the dashboard. To select the printer printing express checkin tags, you'll enable express check-in directly from within the Brother Kidmin Printer app from that specific printer. More details here.
  3. When parents use express check-ins (sent from the parent's mobile app), tags automatically print out at this station. 


  • Your station can be in Kiosk mode and it will still print express check-in tags.
  • Only one station can be set to "Express Check-in."
  • To print out tags, it must be connected to your Dymo printer.


  • "The tags are printing to multiple stations!" Make sure the account being used is only logged in at that station. Tip: Some churches find it helpful to designate a specific admin's account to be used for the desk check-in.
  • "The tags aren't printing at all!"Make sure only ONE desk check-in station has express check in turned on. 

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