Setting up your Brother printer


By Paul H

updated 16 days ago

The Kidmin App supports Brother printers, specifically the Brother QL-800 (use with the 1.14 x 3.5in labels).

Installing the Kidmin Printer app

  1. Log in to your account & go to our printer help page.
  2. Select that you are using a “Brother” printer from the dropdown and click on the download for your Operating System.
  3. Click “Allow” if permission request appears.
  4. Double click the download file (.dmg) to run the installer. After it finishes downloading, move the application into your Application folder.
  5. Plug in your Brother printer and ensure it is powered ON (green light) and connected to your computer.
  6. Double click on Applications folder. Find “Kidmin App” from list and double click it. You’ll get a message that says “Kidmin App can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.”
  7. Go to your System Preferences --> Security & Privacy --> at the bottom of the “General” tab you'll see a message about Kidmin Printer. Click “Open Anyway.”
  8. The app will open to a page that shows a check printer button and whether or not express checkins are enabled. For your first use, click logout (this will close the app automatically). 

Connecting the Printer to Your Kidmin App Account

  1. Double click the Kidmin Printer app icon to open. Log in with your Kidmin App account credentials. On the next screen you will enter a name for the printer you're setting up (this is helpful when using printers in different locations or if you have one that you dedicate to express checkins, etc).
  2. Once logged in, click “Check Printer.” A sample label will print signifying that your printer is set up successfully. 

  3. Go to your Kidmin App dashboard in your web browser. Make sure your printer is set to "Brother" under your church settings. Then go to the desk checkin page and on the right side, select the printer you're printing to from the dropdown menu (you will see the name of the printer you just set up appear).
  4. You're all set for checkins to print!

If you run into any problems or have a question, please contact us at We will be happy to assist!

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